Dipping Powder





Color-Tip/ Ombre


Add Tip Extra


Dipping Color with Organic Manicure


15 minutes Massage, Paraffin Wax, Hot Towel and Neck Wrap

Nails Enhancement

Acrylic (Full Set/ Fill)


White Tip (Full Set/ Fill)


Solar Nails (Full Set/ Fill)


Solar (Fill Pink Only)


Solar Color Powder


Acrylic Removal Only


Polish Change Hand/ Feet


French/ Natural


Paraffin Wax


Express Manicure

Express Manicure


Basic Manicure, Trim, Shape, and Cut Cuticles, Lotion and Polish

Organic Manicure

Dipping Color with Organic Manicure


Trim, Shape, and Cut Cuticles, Paraffin Wax and Neck Wrap 15 minutes Massage (neck, shoulder and hands)

Gel ( Shellac) With Nail Services

Gel on Hands + Feet


Gel French Style


Polish Change Hand


Polish Change Feet


Kid (12 & under)



Manicure & Pedicure



Classic Pedicure


Trim, Shape & Cut Cuticles, Exfoliate Skin with Sugar Scrub, Light Massage & Polish

Warm Pedicure


Feel good with warm salt or volcano spa. Trim, Shape & Cut Cuticles, Scrub, Mask with Hot Towel, Paraffin Wax, Hot Stone 10 mins massage Polish

Deluxe Pedicure


Trim, Shape & Cut Cuticles, Exfoliate Skin with Sea Salt Scrub ( You choose favorite scent), Hot Stone Massage, Hot Towel with 10 mins massage Polish.

Organic Pedicure


Enjoy Organic Mix and Orange Juice, Trim, Shape, Cut Cuticles and Polish, Scrub, Massage, and Hot Stone, Paraffin Wax, and Hot Towels. Special: Heated / Cold Herba Mask Wrap, Warm Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, Extra 5 mins shoulder massage. Choose your Favorite Scent

Detox Pedicure


Trim, Shape, Cut Cuticles and Polish, Scrub, and Mask with Detox Spa pedicure or Dead Sea Spa Pedicure. Paraffin Wax and Hot Stone Heated/ Cold Herbal Neck Wrap, Massage Neck and Feet 20 mins.

Heavenly Jelly Pedicure


Very special (65 mins treatment), Massage with Jelly and Fresh Orange, Scrub, Mask, Hot Stone, and Paraffin Wax Hot Towels wrapped with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, Heated/ Cold Herbal Neck Wrap 30 mins massage. Jelly works as a natural exfoliate with plant oil that deeply moisturizes skin and when combined with warm water transforms into translucent jelly within mins. Soak in Foot Bath and Massage Jelly into Skin and Muscles. Trim, Shape, Cut Cuticles and Polish.


Eyebrow/ Lip


Full Face




Under Arm


Arm Half/ Full


Legs Half/ Full









Mini Facial


Deep cleansing, light exfoliation, serum treatment, revitalizing mask & care cream.


Balancing Skin Treatment


This deep pore cleansing, extraordinary facial treatment is individualized for your skin care needs. This treatment includes exfoliation equivalent to a microdermabrasion cream. After a gentle extraction session, the high-frequency current is applied to the skin which increases circulation and minimizes residual bacteria. Next, a specialized serum is applied with ultrasound to endure deep penetration of the product. The treatment concludes with a mask suitable for the condition of the skin along with a calming neck & shoulder massage.

Lotions & Scents

Please choose your favorite lotion offered with The Utopia Signature Pedicures

Aloe Vera


Excellent skin moisturizer



The ingredients act as a natural antiseptic as it rejuvenates the skin cells

Lemon Grass


Exceptionally rich and soothing antiseptic

Coconut Lime


Extreme exfoliation helps to reduce swelling and case pan



Moisturizes the skin leaving it with a silky, smooth and nourished feeling. Lavender helps to relax and calm your mind and spirit



Exfoliating and moisturizing citrus scrub with fresh orange slices



Exfoliates legs with fresh slices of crisp cucumber scrub



This wonderful pedicure will stimulate your sense leaving you feeling rejuvenated

Green Tea


Exfoliate away rough calluses and smooth away dry skin will leave your skin feeling soft

Milk & Honey


Soak Feet in the warm organic milk bath, honey helps soothe skin leaving silky & we apply our milky massage